Friday, June 3, 2016


Forever and Ever
Every day I miss you
The pain of loss cuts deep
My tears sting my wounds
My walk is slow filled with memories of you
Remembering the way you held me
A protective touch reassuring and supportive
Always by my side listening and being as one
We had our own way of thinking
Together we stood strong, giving to each other
Assistance when needed rather asked or not
Acceptance that glowed whenever we touched
You made my life beautiful
As with the rising sun
A new gift for each day
Precious love shared in a kiss
Two lips that touched sending sparks to eternity
Knowing I was your precious one, echoes in my dreams
Tears stream down my cheeks as I write
A letter to my beloved I send into the night
Knowing you will always be by my side
I will love you forever
I know you will be at the end of the light
Waiting for me with an out stretched hand
When the light rises above the mountain tops early morn'
I know it is my love sending me blessings for the day
For we are connected in a romance that last forever
 © 2016 Arlene Ritzy Ritzhaupt

After viewing this post on Facebook the above words poured from my soul

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Losing the Love of Your Life

by Ritzy Ritzhaupt

When you have had a profound love you are able to pick up the pieces and move forward once again. It may take a great deal of time with lots of revisiting of  what once was, but movement forward will happen. It feels as though the glow of what was is only an afterthought of what should have been.

The shock of loss leaves one spinning in a desperate attempt to find what was safe. No more are there the supporting hands of comfort. There is only the brutal reality that no one has the time or really cares what happens now that you are all alone. You must have gained enough reassurance from your union to trudge forward to make a new existence that will allow you to smile from time to time or even laugh out loud. The pain of loss will bear its marks with running tears.

Knowing you were once cherished, should bring you to a new destiny that allows you to tower over all others that walk the earth. They can only hope for a touch to soften their day or a word that will encourage them to brilliance. Where as you that have suffered the loss of a beloved, have already deliciously, devoured the knowledge that you have achieved the goal to be cherished. 

copyrighted 2016 all rights reserved

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


by Ritzy Ritzhaupt

Reaches the brain
Sad or happy
Blues, Country, Rock
Chamber or Opera

Feeds the feelings
Creates a refuge
For the soul to heal
The heart to become whole
The body to mend
The stride to lighten

A safe haven
Where emotions evolve
Lips smile
Happiness grows
Caring becomes sharing

 Copyright 2016 
All rights reserved

Saturday, January 23, 2016

LOVE - What is it? by Ritzy Ritzhaupt

LOVE - What is it?   by Ritzy Ritzhaupt

What is it?
Does it glow in the dark?
Does it speak to you?
Does it sparkle?
Does it embrace you?

Captures all
Holding you
Sharing random freedom
Engulfing the total you
Camping out in your heart
Bleeding all stress
Freeing the total being

Captures your flavor
Holds your heart
Mind, body and soul
Savoring each fiber of self

Holds all dear
Dissolves treacherous storms
Rebels all discomfort
Streamlines the beauty of you
Making self, acceptable to self
Granting friendship at all levels

Develops self
Like a newly charged battery
Engulfing each strife with ease
Growing to a new height

Becomes a solid entity
All beauty glows radiantly
Solid within self
Offering others a new chance
New steps to redemption

Blooms within all
Captures all in its grasp
Changing lives in one fell swoop
Blessed are all
By the beauty of the simple form of

All right reserved 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Newness Sparkles with Delight

by Ritzy Ritzhaupt

The newness sparkles with delight
How can I tell you, you are everything?
In a way you will believe. 

What must I do to earn your respect?
My feelings glow with the wonder
Of the riches of grandeur you share 

The sparkle of caring
Beyond words or charm
The wonderment saturates my being
Touching my inner most thoughts 

A look from you sends my 
Soul soaring to the stars
You give me love beyond the moon 

Stardust floats between us
Connecting us in every way
Making life a blessing
A heartfelt romp of feelings
A joy to behold for evermore

These words came to me in a moment, in a rush that demanded to be shared. I met another Thomas tonight. Share with your wife Thomas. Blessings to all!

Yes, this is a great part of Ed and I. 

by Ritzy Ritzhaupt 
Copyright 2016 all rights reserved 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Colorful Chilly Morning

Colorful Chilly Morning

Colorful Chilly Morning
by Ritzy Ritzhaupt
Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

A silver stillness greets the chilly morning.
Yellow, gold and brown leaves collect beneath the tress.
Protected from the cold night air
Together they hang in a colorful array of spent foliage
Proudly clinging to the trees mothering limbs
New fallen foliage decorates the ground below
Giving lively color enhances to nature’s discards 

The icy dew slips from its resting spots  
Glistening and sparkling in the morning sun
Dancing with radiant brilliance as day begins
The beauty begs the mind of the viewer
To remember and savor the treasure
For the delight of the beholder
Now and in all the years to come

It's that time of year and I needed to share as the colors danced with beautiful brilliance.  Haven't been out since the downpour... almost afraid to see how flooded I am.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


From my briefcase... thought I'd post to my blog. Hope you enjoy...

Dinner At The Bar  by Ritzy Ritzhaupt

 A not so lovely Thursday had just happened to Miss Beth. She was exhausted, hungry and in desperate need of some relaxation. 

Where else, but to the local bar where she could enjoy some people watching, she thought as she parked her car over one street.

Upon entering the bar she was greeted with glad tidings from the duty bartender, she knows them all. They had started their shift at six pm and were in rare form, already a line was forming to order drinks. Miss Beth was given the last open stool at the bar by the duty bartender Paul, as she called him by his first name and rarely used his bar nickname of “Frog”. He was given that nickname because he makes you think of a little boy at play, treasuring a frog in his pocket. I know its lame, but most the staff has nicknames. Miss Beth only resorts to calling him “Frog” when he is busy and the only way he pays attention when super busy, is when he’s called by the childish name, Frog. 

“Hey, what’s good on the menu?” The oversized gent, in the slouched cowboy hat asked the cook, as he came out from behind the bar.

“Oh, Fritos, potato chips,” he blandly replied to his most obnoxious customer.

“Cookie, you have a better idea than that.” The frustrated, would be dinner shrugged with disgust. “I’m just trying to buy a meal here,” he let fly to the other patrons of the bar.

Cookie had been walking behind the bar and took the last few steps to the front door for a quick smoke break, as it closed on his reply, “Don’t need your crap today.” His eyes rolled in disgust at having to p l e a s e this customer.  He inhaled deeply, the pungent smoke from his fancy and pricey, blue cigarettes. He quickly darted around the corner of the barber shop and out of sight, as he hid in the peaceful ally.

“Don’t tell me, you had another run in with Harvey?” Luke shook his head to acknowledge the futility of Cookie trying to appease Harvey over food. “Geez, I think you two would learn by now. Can’t you just let him order?”

“It’d be fine if he’d just order. No, he’s got to demand extras. You know, like the Linda salad. I could kill that girl for coming up with that god damn salad. It’s got ta have avocado slices and extra onions on the damn thing. We’re just a bar not a four star restaurant!” Cookie puffed on his cigarette, showing his misshapen front teeth, as he growled in disgust. Watching Cookie pace as he puffed, made it truly hard to belief that he had been one heck of a woman in his six inch heels on Halloween. The spaghetti straps and ponytail almost fooled patrons, until he turned around revealing his beard. 

Harvey adjusted his cowboy hat as he taped his earpiece to answer an incoming call. “No, man that’s fixed, your computer is ready to use. Yup, did that too. Okay. Yes, call me if you have trouble.” He owned his own business repairing and making work, outdated computers for small businesses, individuals and a couple of private schools. He sold new package deals too. They included fully loaded computers with whatever a company or person required. A majority of his costumers were befuddled by today's technologically and constantly needed to be walked through the logging on process by Harvey.
He sat back in his stool, grateful for the back and arms that made it so comfortable. He allowed his shoes to slip to the floor and rested his stocking feet on the metal rail. In full comfort, he intently studied the blue paper menu, as if seeing it for the first time.
He set his empty Bud Light down sideways on the bar and gave it a little spin. This was his special signal, he was ready for another. The bartender’s kept track on his coaster with pen marks, so they could easily see how many he had, it was vital to keep track. He’d order the maximum number of drinks he’d consume for the night. He always paid with cash, making a person wonder, if he was hiding out from someone. A wad of bills would appear just before Happy Hour ended, to get cheaper prices. The bartenders delivered one beer at a time, keeping the rest cold until he was ready for another brew.  

Starlite, the bouncy bartender, asked him for his dinner order, as she tossed his dead bottle in the recycle bin and popped the lid off a fresh brew.  She was the thinnest woman he had ever seen, maybe a size one or two, but she had a set of sisters that made every man stare. Harvey took in the full view with pleasure. He continued to gaze as she marked his coaster with another hash mark. 

Oh, here it comes… wait… Oh, he could have shot Bobby for walking in just then, Harvey held his breath. Bobby got a welcoming “Hello,” from Starlite, before she continued to bend lower, unloading the dishwasher. 

He was sure his heart would stop beating or beat so fast he’d need the aid car. The view was easily worth the wait, big lushes melons… He had to do something before he burst. “Girl, I’m gonna have the double stack burger. Leave off the pickle, lightly salted fries and some ranch. I’d really like a little horseradish on the side.

Miss Beth slid up behind him as he continued to give his order and her breast touched his back. 

Harvey gave a throaty, “Mmmmm,” as he leaned back, pressing into her, to see who was being so generous with their welcoming gesture. “Hey girl, how’s it going?” He quipped with the sheer pleasure of feeling up a woman without having to do a thing.

“Sweet,” she grinned devilishly, she knew he had enjoyed the contact, as she adjusted the stool next to him, persuading her girth into the space. Dissatisfied by how she was placed, she dismounted, moved the stool and climbed up again. 

The second bartender, Chase, deepened his smile as he watched her commandeer the bar. Miss Beth didn’t do a thing but act natural. She had no clue of the power she held over the men. It made him chuckle as he placed her shot of Rockin’ Rye in a big glass. She had explained to him, “It allows walking around room and I never lose a drop.” He placed a large glass of ice water with a slice of lemon next to her liquor. He knew he’d be filling up that glass of ice water a few more times, before she came close to drinking the rye. Boy, can she nurse a drink… Chase thought, as she took a tiny sip of the rye and a large swallow of water.

When he’d first started working at the bar, she drew him close and said, “We can be friends as long as you understand you never, ever remove my liquor glass until I say I’m done with it, even if it looks empty. And keep my water filled. You take care me, I take care you, got it?” She asked with a stern stare giving him her directions for proper service, with the tenor of an old schoolmarm instructing her distracted students.

“Yes, mama,” Chase answered looking solemn, as thought he’d been given an order by the President himself.   

“Thank you,” She sweetly said with all the warmth his mom would give. It made him feel as though he should dive in for a good sized hug, but he restrained himself. He wasn’t sure he’d get punched by the capable older woman. She cocked her head as she told him, “Chase you have the most divine dimples I’ve ever seen… mm, mm, mm,” she sighed. 

He was dazzled by her words and declared right then and there, to be a fan of the blunt, Miss Beth.

“Hey, Dragman,” she said sending a wave and a wink to the big biker at the end of the bar, once she had comfortably reseated herself.

He was standing, meticulously peeling the label off his soon to be empty beer bottle, being careful to keep it in tack. He stacked it with three other labels. Each was neatly rolled into a skinny tube from beers he’d previously downed. “Where you been hiding? Haven’t seen you around for some time?” An overly abundant amount of facial hair danced as he talked with his glasses perched on the end of his nose. He resembled Santa in stature and beard, making it hard to watch him indulge in straight shots between beers. You just knew Santa wouldn’t do such a thing. 

“Busy,” Miss Beth replied with a teasing grin and a flutter of her unpainted eyelids. She gave him her most mischievous shrug, leading his mind down a dangerous path.
Cookie stood in front of Miss Beth and asked, “You eating dinner?” 

“Yes,” She nodded seductively. This was Miss Beth, clueless to the way she appeared… very sexual. He leaned in closer draping his right arm all the way across the bar, separating her and Harvey, putting his back to him, he asked in a lowered voice, “Do you think you’d enjoy some ribs I made, tender and sweet?” Only a few knew, he’d picked up something special to prepare food for the crew and a few invited patrons.

“I love pork ribs… yummy.” She said, in a whisper with exaggerated gestures.  “Yes, p-l-e-a-s-e.” as she stretched her chin in the air making it seem very luscious, like part of a sex act.

Harvey leaned over whispering, “He’s in love with you, you know?” He really wanted to know how she got such service. “Geez,” he muttered as he stood to go outside. He could hear her explosive gaffs of contagious laughter, even standing out on the sidewalk.

Minutes later Cookie set a hot plate of tender ribs in front of the heartily laughing Miss Beth. One bite told her they were superb! Whatever he made she’d eat. She motioned for Chase to come over. “Put whatever Cookie wants to drink on my tab.”

The men watched her devour the ribs, licking sauce from the side of her mouth with pleasurable, mmms added. She slowly licked each finger with heavenly gusto. The men were intent on watching her as they created their own sexual fantasies. They never noticed Chase watching the whole scene play out. He only hoped the owner had the surveillance cameras rolling as he normally did, since the eating process made for a killer scene. 

Straight shots of liquor were ordered by all the men at the bar as they continued to gap. Their mouths hung open as she clean each bone of its meat. She sucked each rib of the thick, red, rich sauce with an added, 'Mmmm". Some even licked their lips as they took in her display.

Miss Beth certainly knows how to enjoy her food, thought Chase, as he chuckled to himself.

Copyright 2015 all rights reserved